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A Variety of Security Screening Equipment

Whether it be airport security officials, border patrol officials, security from government buildings, or security from sporting and venue events, bags, suitcases, packages, and more are inspected each day to make certain that neither contains threatening weapons or explosive elements. In order to provide top of the line safety and security to airports, venues, government buildings, etc., high-grade security screening equipment is a great necessity.

Airport Security Equipment & Screening Machines

The most important element to security screening equipment–whether it be airport screening machines or security wands – is that it has to be both effective and efficient while working at a fast pace. At Point Security, we strive to provide our customers with security screening machinery and equipment that yields the highest results. With 25 years of providing sales and security services throughout the US and Caribbean to federal, state, and local governments facilities, as well as educational, corporate, and entertaining events, Point Security offers an extensive line of airport screening machines as well as a wide range of other, highly important security equipment. If you are in the market for top-notch security equipment, then Point Security is here to help.
With any purchase of our equipment, we provide highly-trained, expert technicians to perform routine maintenance, testing, and emergency repairs to ensure that your security screening equipment is working up to standard.