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HEXWAVE Walk Through Scanner

The HEXWAVE™ system by Liberty Defense processes people quickly and effectively, providing touchless screening at the checkpoint or perimeter for enhanced protection, a layered defense, and a better experience.

The HEXWAVE portal scans for all types of concealed threats on person – non-metallic as well as metallic threats like 3D printed guns and improvised explosives.

Designed to process individuals quickly and effectively, HEXWAVE offers touchless screening at checkpoints and perimeters, providing enhanced protection, a layered defense, and an overall improved security experience.

Cutting-Edge Threat Detection:

The HEXWAVE portal sets itself apart by employing state-of-the-art technology capable of scanning for a broad spectrum of concealed threats on an individual. Unlike traditional metal detectors, HEXWAVE goes beyond metallic threats, extending its capabilities to detect non-metallic items such as 3D printed guns and improvised explosives. This all-encompassing approach ensures a comprehensive screening process, addressing evolving threats in today’s dynamic security landscape.

Frictionless Protection:

One of the key advantages of the HEXWAVE system is its commitment to providing frictionless protection. The system utilizes a layered defense mechanism, ensuring a safe, touchless, and advanced detection process. This innovative approach allows for seamless integration into various applications and venue types, making it a versatile solution for diverse security needs.

Applications Across Various Venues:

The flexibility of HEXWAVE makes it suitable for deployment in a wide range of environments, including but not limited to:

Sports Venues: Safeguarding the excitement of sporting events without compromising on security.

Entertainment Venues: Ensuring a secure environment for concerts, shows, and other entertainment gatherings.

Casinos: Protecting patrons and assets within the high-energy atmosphere of gaming establishments.

Hotels: Enhancing the safety of guests and staff in hospitality settings.

Tourist Attractions: Offering a secure experience for visitors at popular landmarks and attractions.

Shopping Malls: Maintaining a safe shopping environment for customers and retailers.

Office Buildings: Providing a secure workplace without hindering the flow of daily operations.

School Campuses: Safeguarding educational institutions and promoting a secure learning environment.

Places of Worship: Ensuring the safety of worshippers during religious gatherings.

Distribution Centers: Protecting critical infrastructure in logistics and supply chain operations.

Government Buildings: Enhancing security in governmental facilities to safeguard public interests.

Air and Sea Ports: Facilitating secure travel by screening passengers for potential threats.

In a world where security threats continue to evolve, HEXWAVE by Liberty Defense stands at the forefront, revolutionizing walkthrough detection for concealed weapons and threats. With its cutting-edge technology, frictionless protection, and adaptability to various environments, HEXWAVE is poised to redefine the standards of security screening, offering peace of mind in an increasingly complex world.



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