Advantages Of A Lightweight Metal Detector Wand

Lightweight handheld metal detectors are commonly used in public and private spaces. Governments rely on hand held metal detectors to keep prisons, court buildings, schools, railways and military establishments safe. Exhibition and concert venues, stadiums, and businesses all over the nation also rely on hand held metal detector wands to locate all kinds of metals, exposing potential dangers such as handguns and knives.

One of the best things about high quality, handheld metal detectors is that they are self-calibrating, which eliminates the need for frequent sensitivity modifications or servicing. Most security wands are ergonomically designed and light weight to minimize stress on the operator’s wrists. Your typical security wand will also provide around eighty hours of continual operation before the battery needs to be replaced or recharged.

One of the most important advantages of a handheld metal detector wand is that these devices require no body contact between patrons and security personnel. Security personnel do not need to touch the subject in any way, as the wand is directly passed over the subject’s clothing, without the need for one-on-one human contact.

How Does A Hand Held Metal Detector Wand Work?

Handheld metal detectors work by discharging an electromagnetic field that identifies the presence of metal or metallic objects. A hand held security wand has two main parts: A transmitter coil and a receiver coil. The transmitter coil creates an electromagnetic field and the receiver coil detects the electromagnetism. The electromagnetic field created by the transmitter coil extends to around 20 cm from the hand held security wand.

When the hand held metal detector wand is passed over a metallic object, it reacts with the object and the receiver coil triggers an alert to security personnel. The variance between the electromagnetic field of the transmitter coil and that of the receiver coil notifies the device that a metallic object is near it. Quality handheld metal detectors offer distinct alarm indicators such as visual LEDs, audible alarms or a vibration alert. Learn more about how hand held metal detecting wands work.

A Handheld Metal Detector v. Walk Through Metal Detectors

How do you know if you should purchase a walk through metal detector or a handheld metal detector? In most cases, you will want to invest in both. Though handheld metal detectors can be used alone or in less crowded venues, they are most often used in conjunction with walk through detectors.

When a walk through metal detector signals a threat, security personnel will use a handheld metal detector wand as an ancillary means of screening to ensure concealed weapons or other harmful items are detected and confiscated by security staff (see this article). In addition to specializing in the service, sale and rental of hand held metal detectors, Point Security also offers top quality, walk through metal detectors, (should link to Point Security’s walk through metal detector page) from Garrett and CEIA to guarantee that your business or venue has a security screening process they can rely on.

Point Security Offers The Best Brands In The Industry For Hand Held Metal Detectors

At Point Security, we know hand held metal detectors. With over thirty years of experience in the rental, sale and service of checkpoint security systems, trust Point Security to help you select the right hand held metal detector to meet your security needs. All of our hand held metal detectors require minimal training and are fully functional within minutes. Our top brands are in full compliance with the latest security standards and are highly immune to external masses, resulting in a lower false positive rate and a faster security checkpoint line. Check out some of our best-selling, high quality handheld metal detectors from Garrett and CEIA!

Garrett SuperWand

The Garrett SuperWand is the number 1 hand-held choice for today’s security screening personnel. With an ergonomically designed grip and one-touch button operation, this device is easy to use and operate. It also accurately detects all ferrous and non-ferrous weapons. Other key features include an elongated profile that offers 360 degree coverage, audible and silent alarm settings, as well as rugged, injection molded construction. The Garrett SuperWand uses a 9 volt battery that lasts for several weeks.


The CEIA PD140E is a compact, ergonomically designed hand held metal detector made from next-generation technical polymers, ensuring a long life in heavy duty conditions. It combines high reliability with advanced detection of all sizes of metal objects. The PD140E is fully digital and calibration free. It is built for extended continual operation, which makes it the optimal choice for outdoor and indoor operations.

Garrett THD

The Garrett THD is one of the most reliable and compliant hand held metal detectors on the market today. This device has a 360 degree detection area, ultra high sensitivity, and a silent vibrating alarm indicator, making the THD the ideal choice for security professionals, law enforcement, corporate security, schools, and entertainment venues.


The PD240 CB is a high quality handheld security wand that integrates precise detection with an user-friendly, ergonomic design. This device has many signaling features and offers accurate detection of small metal objects, as well as weapons. The PD240 CB has high sensitivity to all metal alloys yet has high immunity to external metal masses. This lessens the possibility of security personnel picking up false signals from nearby alloys or metals that aren’t a threat. These unique characteristics make the PD240 CB one of the top-selling CEIA hand held metal detectors.

Scanning People With Hand Held Metal Detectors

Hand held metal detectors have become increasingly popular and affordable, offering a myriad of options for enhanced security. For example, sports stadiums are often required to scan patrons as they enter the premises and night clubs use these devices as an extra security measure. Premium hand-held security wands will detect any knives or concealed weapons that could threaten the security of an establishment.

When using a hand held security wand it’s important to remember that the device is a motion detector – it will not sound an alarm if it’s held in a stationary position. Security personnel must keep the wand moving over the metallic object in order to detect it. If the device is not moving, the receiver coil will not detect electromagnetic fields bouncing off the metal object. This is an important part of the training that Point Security provides to our customers.

Selecting the Right Hand Held Metal Detector

With so many hand held metal detectors on the market, how do you know which one to choose? What factors should you consider before you invest in a hand held security wand?