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Hand Held Metal Detectors For Sale

Hand held metal detectors have become an important supplement to the familiar and comprehensive walk through scans that TSA personnel conduct at airports around the nation. Used by security personnel at checkpoints and airports, security metal detectors are important tools in the fight against terrorism and illegal activity. These products tend to be compact and rugged for silent and mobile screening. A CEIA metal detector wand or a Garrett metal detector wand are important implements in the arsenal of trained security personnel.

Lightweight Metal Detector Wand

Point Security Inc. has metal detector wands for sale that are designed to be used in both public and personal places. They can examine all kinds of metals, exposing potential dangers including handguns and knives. These devices help people stay safe in public areas, creating a safe environment. They can also be used to protect critical infrastructure. Furthermore, these devices can be used in places like railway stations, exhibition venues, stadiums, prisons and factories. Protect your personnel and property safe with metal detector wands.

CEIA and Garret Metal Detector Wands

Proven to accurately detect concealed metallic items, our Garrett hand held metal detectors are well-known by security professionals. With optimum sensitivity with automatic retuning, these renowned products feature accurate detection of all ferrous and non-ferrous weapons, with an elongated profile that offers 360-degree detection coverage. High reliability and ergonomics are combined with advanced detection and operator signaling features. Training costs are low, and the device is usable within minutes. Effectively sensible to all metals – and in full compliance with the latest Security Standards – these portable, hand held wands are highly immune to external masses. That means a lower false positive rate, and a speedier checkout time for your security facility line.

Garrett Security Wand

At Point Security Inc. we know hand held metal detectors. With over 25 years of experience providing sales and service of security screening equipment throughout the United States and Caribbean, we provide economically efficient solutions to meet any facility need. We have inventory of a wide variety of the popular CEIA and Garrett hand held metal detectors. Depending on your requirements, suggestions can be made on a high quality unit within an established budget.