Why Choose A Walk-Through Metal Detector?

Walk through metal detectors serve as the first line of defense in checkpoint security screening. Requiring less operational costs than fully trained security professionals, these detectors are effective in screening high volumes of patrons quickly and efficiently. Many of our top brands also feature touchless security and zone technology, minimizing one-on-one contact between security personnel and patrons, as well as false alarms from non-dangerous metal objects. Walk through metal detectors are also compact, lightweight and portable, making installation and transport easy and fast. Their patented, non-intrusive cylinder design is also aesthetically suitable for a myriad of applications, including government buildings, weddings, schools, nightclubs, amusement parks, correctional facilities and concert venues.

Walk through metal detectors can examine all kinds of metals, exposing potential dangers including handguns and knives. They are designed and engineered to meet the specific security needs of both public and private facilities. With security of the utmost concern, weapons detection systems are more important than ever in detecting threats before they can pose a danger in public places. Public transportation, arenas, and crowded venues must be secured in order to keep the public safe from harm. Walk through metal detectors are the go-to method used by law enforcement and the private sector for keeping crowd-heavy venues safe. Point Security is committed to providing the most technologically advanced walk through security metal detectors available in the United States and the Caribbean.

A Handheld Metal Detector v. Walk Through Metal Detectors

How do you know if you should invest in a handheld metal detector or a walk through metal detector? In most instances, you will want to invest in both. Though handheld metal detectors can be used alone in smaller venues, they are most often used alongside walk through detectors. When a walk through metal detector encounters a threat, security personnel will use a handheld wand as a secondary means of screening to ensure concealed weapons or other dangerous items are detected and confiscated by security personnel. In addition to specializing in the sale, service and rental of walk through metal detectors, Point Security also offers top brand, hand-held metal detectors from CEIA and Garrett to ensure your business or venue has the highest level of security.

Multiple-Zone, Touchless Security Walk Through Metal Detectors

Walk through metal detectors are classified as single-zone or multiple-zone. While a classic metal detector relies on single-zone technology, today’s multiple-zone technology has revolutionized the security metal detector industry. This technology increases the potential of the metal detector to distinguish between dangerous weapons and non-threatening metal objects such as coins and keys, minimizing false alarms. Multiple-zone technology also helps security personnel detect the approximate location of a weapon or other contraband. Multiple-zone technology, along with touchless security features, allow security personnel to avoid unnecessary pat downs and the perception of inappropriate touching by patrons and clients.

Touchless security also helps your business or organization adhere to COVID-19 protocols. In addition, these advanced technology features expedite checkpoint security lines and keep crowd-heavy functions running smoothly. Point Security specializes in the sale, service and rental of top name walk through metal detectors like CEIA metal detectors and Garrett metal detectors, both of which offer multiple-zone, touchless technology.

Garrett PD 6500i

Garrett’s PD 6500i is an industry leading walk-through metal detector with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features. This detector has proven its effectiveness at moving high volumes of patrons through such events as the Olympic Games, World Cup 2010 in South Africa, and the Pan-American Games in Mexico. Some of its features include pacing lights, directional counters, and over 20 application programs. The Garrett PD has 200 distinct sensitivity levels that can pinpoint metal targets in 33 detection zones. This metal detector can even be linked to a network to perform statistical analysis of throughput. High operating efficiency and advanced features make this machine the walk through choice for security professionals worldwide.


The CEIA HI/PE Plus delivers accurate detection of all metals, high levels of discrimination, and full compliance with the latest security standards. It has 60 localization zones, including 20 vertical zones and 3 lateral zones, providing excellent discrimination. Powered by safe low voltage DC, this walk through metal detector is rapid to install, requiring no periodic recalibration or preventative maintenance. Its fully digital design allows it to communicate through bluetooth, infrared wifi and USB. The transmit flow rate is five times greater than other metal detection systems on the market, and the detection speed is 50 feet/second, making this system ideal for any checkpoint.


OPENGATE® is a Groundbreaking Weapons Detection System designed for the automatic screening of people in transit, including their luggage, backpacks, and bags for the detection of Mass Casualty Metal Threats, such as a concealed weapon and IED devices. Weighing only 25 pounds, it consists of two independent, wire-free pillars that are portable, elegant and easy to set up and ready to use with no installation required. Detection and signaling parameters can be easily set via the OPENGATE® App, designed for smartphones or tablets based on Android or iOS operating systems. Its structure makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor operations, even in conditions of exposure to rain and sunlight, in all environmental conditions that are compatible with security screening operations.

How Do Walk Through Metal Detectors Work?

Modern walk-through metal detectors use PI, or pulse induction technology. PI systems send out short and powerful bursts of currents through a coil of wire and each pulse generates a short magnetic field. When a metallic object enters the magnetic field, a reflective magnetic field is then created and picked up by the receiver coil.

Most PI systems will send around 100 pulses per second, but some models may send up to 1,000 pulses per second, thus making the detector more precise. Multi-zone walk-through metal detectors are fitted with multiple coils that create separate detection zones. These systems can detect multiple objects and display the areas where they can be found. For more information, see this article.

Trust Point Security For All Your Walk Through Metal Detector Needs

With over thirty years of experience in the sale, rental and service of checkpoint security systems, trust Point Security to meet all your walk through metal detector needs. Our experienced service professionals will install your walk through metal detector with the utmost care and professionalism. Not only do we install security screening equipment, but we build relationships with every client. We ensure our customers have proper training on all of our walk through metal detectors.

If you ever need technical support or have questions, our expert technicians are only a phone call away. Our competitors may give you a 1-800 number to contact if you need assistance, but our dedicated technicians will give you their name and personal phone number. This is what sets Point Security apart from other security equipment companies. We offer professional installation, maintenance and support for all your walk through metal detector needs.