Security training aids, IED training devices and security testing aids, are designed for the utmost in quality assurance and reassurance. They ensure that security personnel operates in accordance with the rules and regulations of the facility at hand. Threat training aids are designed to better prepare security officers so that they are able to quickly locate and identify improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as well as narcotics. These are best detected with IED training devices.

Security Training Aids For an Efficient Staff

These sercurity training aids are designed for efficient and effective detection of prohibited items. We carry a variety of kits that contain various items that a security guard could possibly be exposed to while on the job. Depending on the scenario at hand, the officer is able to equip himself accordingly through security training aids and testing kits. With complete functionality for almost any kinds of threat, these kits are essential when seeking top security measures.

Our extensive variety of training merchandise will allow security personnel top perform their position as security personnel. At Point Security, we have years of success in the security guard and safety industry and are committed to keeping security guards as well as attendees and travelers, safe.

Get Your Personnel Up and Running With IED Training Devices

Security training kits, as well as security testing kits, are an integral part of the security screening process. The kits and detection devices that are offered through us will largely lessen line wait times and will ensure operator reliability. These threat kits will assure that you are more than prepared for any security circumstance that may arise. The kits allow officers to easily identify threats such as anthrax, weapons, contraband, and other dangerous narcotics or explosives.

Threat screening is an integral part of security operations. Some of the kits that we offer include x-ray correct guns, knives, explosive simulants, as well as IED firing circuits. When a scenario presents itself, be prepared with threat kits that will keep you and travels safe.