Web-Based Regulatory Compliance & X-Ray Radiation Safety Training

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Web-Based Regulatory Compliance & X-Ray Radiation Safety Training

Web-Based Regulatory Compliance & X-Ray Radiation Safety Training.

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  1. Peace of mind – Web-based training offers flexibility unlike any other.
  2. Cost effective and reduced carbon footprint – There is minimal equipment needed to take an online training course and there is no air or vehicle travel required. Online courses are an inexpensive and interactive form of training without sacrificing quality of content.
  3. Consistency – Every RP Program and corporate radiation protection program policy will be consistent and compliant for each of your facilities. The only differences will be your States or Provincial registration forms, postings, dosimetry, and safety interlock testing requirements. The specifics are addressed individually in each State or Provincial RP Program provided.
  4. Professional workforce – By having comprehensive training, employees will have educated confidence operating the x- ray machines. Online training is available immediately.
  5. Ease of access – All RP Programs and training courses are available on our website, accessed via a computer, laptop, tablet, or Once registered, the course is accessible multiple times by the user until completed.
  6. Training is interactive – Presented in clear video/audio/visual Student materials are immediately available per course.
  7. Web-Based training – Delivers the same information to every x-ray Pop quizzes & 50-question final exam meets the most stringent regulations for training (e.g., California, Title 17, paragraph 30337). If an individual does not pass the exam the first time (80%), they retake it until they pass. Certificate of Completion issued upon successful completion.
  8. Learning Management System (LMS) – Our LMS has sufficient bandwidth to accommodate numerous individuals taking online training courses simultaneously. We use third party servers which give us much more security, flexibility, and reliability.
  9. Recordkeeping – We can track who has registered to take a course, who needs to take the annual refresher course, their training status and course completion date. This data can be provided to your management or the facility RSO anytime upon This is extremely helpful in preparation for a State inspection.
  10. Ask the expert Contact us.


Three Training Options Are Available:



Receive Onsite Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and X- Ray Operator radiation safety training which includes:

  • Hard copy of a comprehensive written Radiation Protection Plan (RPP) with work instructions, forms, your state regulations and registration forms, all training materials and helpful documents and guides specific to your State or Province. Flash drive provided with all documents included.
  • X-Ray Operator Radiation Safety Training. No limit on class size, maximum of two 2-hour classes.
  • 50-page student handout available on flash drive, both in English & Spanish.
  • Optional 50-Question Exam and 25-Task Practical Exam, both in English & Spanish. (BOTH exams required in California, per Title 17, paragraph 30337, Section 12(1)(2))
  • Radiation Safety Officer Training (X-Ray Operator Radiation Safety course is prerequisite before taking RSO course). No limit to the number of participants. RSO course is one 4-hour class.
  • 17-page “Getting Started” Instruction Manual for the facility Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).



Do-it-yourself Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) training with provided materials.

  • Flash drive or direct download your state-specific RP Program. Both include all required regulatory compliance materials and training presentations as the on-site class. This DIY option requires your facility Radiation Safety Officer to implement the RP Program and provide the regulatory required training.
  • Comprehensive and detailed 17-page “Getting Started Instruction Manual for the Facility Radiation Safety Officer.”
  • 50-page Student Handout and RSO Instructor Training Notes included for providing operator radiation safety training to new hires and annual refresher training.
  • Payment: Purchase Order Full payment due within 30 days upon receipt of materials and receipt of invoice.
  • Free Customer Guidance & Consulting provided as required for 1 year after purchase.



  • X-Ray Operator Radiation Safety Course is a 2-hour online cabinet X-ray operator radiation safety training course. If you own and operate a security/baggage x-ray system, there is a Security/Baggage X-Ray Operator course available, as well…
  • Radiation Safety Officer 2-hour online cabinet X- ray radiation safety officer training course. (X-Ray Operator Radiation Safety course is prerequisite before this course).
  • Direct download your state-specific RP program for Cabinet X-Ray.
  • There is a NEW CLASSROOM option for training larger groups of operators all at the same time. You can offer training to 5-10 or 50-100 in one sitting. You are purchasing seats and these seats can be used anytime for any class size until the number of seats has been used. More seats available for purchase, added, as necessary.


Order Regulatory Compliance Materials & Training

If you own and operate a radiation emitting device, your State Regulations require that you Register that system(s), designate an individual responsible for compliance and radiation safety (Facility Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)), develop & implement a written Radiation Protection Program (RPP), post required documents, perform or have performed a required annual RPP audit, x-ray system inspection, safety interlock testing (frequency varies State to State) and annual radiation surveys of the x-ray machine(s) and the immediate (Restricted Area) and adjacent areas (Unrestricted Area) surrounding the x-ray machine(s).

All materials and training courses are available with all three options.

Contact: Point Security Office: (800) 476-1607 or  Send us an email.


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