Human Presence Detection Systems

A human presence detection system detects unauthorized individuals hiding in vehicles or containers by sensing the vibrations caused by the human heartbeat. Human presence detection systems are ideal for border crossings, maritime ports, correctional institutions and portal/entries to high value facilities such as embassies, courthouses and other federal buildings.

Narcotics Detection Equipment & Chemical Detection Equipment

On a daily basis security personnel, customs agents, and law enforcement use explosive detection equipment and narcotics detection equipment. The threats, unfortunately, never stop. And neither should you or your team. Explosives, chemical warfare agents and narcotics pose a danger to civilians and critical infrastructure everywhere, so it is important to identify and interrupt these threats.

Explosive Trace Detection Equipment

Point Security Inc. has over 25 years of experience providing security, screening and explosive trace detection equipment throughout the United States and Caribbean. We sell and service explosive and narcotics detection brands like American Innovations and Smiths Detection. We carry a variety of explosive detection equipment and explosive trace detection machines.

ETD Machines & IED Detection

The IONSCAN 500DT is capable of detecting and identifying explosives and narcotics by  incorporating two IMS detectors in a single unit. The IONSCAN 500DT includes a regenerative APS which reduces maintenance and cost of ownership and uses developed proprietary software. Over 40 substances can be detected and identified in less than 8 seconds. Extensive internal memory allow analysis results to be stored, then printed with a built-in thermal printer or exported via the USB.

The XD-2i weighs less than two pounds and requires no warm-up time, no calibration, and minimal training to detect explosive threats. This system will detect every threat explosive on current government and military requirements list, regardless of operational environment or presence of other substances. This explosive trace detection machine will detect both residue and bulk samples in explosive devices, IEDs, and homemade explosives. Using explosives detection chemistry and a precise heat/time profile, the XD-2i identifies chemicals without creating false positives on common confusants, interferents and masking agents. Analysis time ranges from instant to approximately 30 seconds.

The SABRE 5000 is the smallest, lightest tri-mode handheld system available for detecting trace amounts of explosives, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals or narcotics. With its ability to detect a wide range of threats, it is a cost effective instrument for security professionals and military agencies that require portability and flexibility to perform their duties. The SABRE 5000 is capable of analyzing either trace particle or vapor samples. It can identify over 40 threat substances in approximately 20 seconds including but not limited to explosives, drugs, chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. For full information on this comprehensive device click here.

The ACE-ID is a portable trace detection machine that identifies approximately 500 substances consisting of explosives, precursors, narcotics and toxic chemicals. It is ergonomically designed for one handed operation with touch screen interface. ACE-ID is ruggedized for use in severe climates and terrains, making it easy to use by military explosive ordnance disposal technicians, civilian bomb squads and hazmat teams. Using Raman spectroscopy, this piece of explosive and narcotics detection equipment enables non-contact analysis and yields rapid results in seconds. For all the details on this device click here.

Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS)

An under-vehicle inspection system is used to detect threats or contraband that has been hidden or concealed underneath vehicles ranging in size from small cars to semi trucks. Cameras capture images of these undercarriages for visual inspection by security personnel.