MTK 3000

MTK 3000

Mail Threat Kit



The MTK 3000 kit contains a vast variety of mail threats your security officer could encounter. All of the devices are X-ray correct and will trigger the X-ray system to alarm just like a real device. The kit in-cludes all types of “mail bombs” with firing circuits known to have been used in actual attacks. The kit also includes simulated anthrax letters that will allow you to train your security officers how to identify a possible white powder/anthrax threat.

We believe there are no other products on the market that offer the capability and complete functionality of this kit.

Benefits 

  • Density and Zeff correct 
  • Simulant will auto-detect on all X-ray and CT systems 
  • Training aids match threat they are simulating visually and how they respond in screening systems

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs


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