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Security X-Ray Machines in the US

With security being paramount, it is more important than ever to invest in the right kind of security x-ray machine. X-ray body scanners and x-ray baggage scanners help keep your passengers, assets, and facility safe. Weapons, explosives, and narcotics are just some of the contraband security personnel have to deal with.

Dangerous cargo must be inspected by shippers or else it could end up across borders and in the wrong hands. Arenas and crowded events must be secured to keep both public and VIPs safe. And critical infrastructure around the world must be protected from internal and external intruders looking to do harm. That’s why Point Security is proud to provide the most technologically advanced certified security x-ray machines on the market today.

An x-ray scanner identifies harmful organic, inorganic and metal materials. Different materials absorb rays at different levels. Security x-ray machines spot dangerous items by looking at the mass density and atomic number of the substances of the materials that pass through it. Metal, organic and inorganic materials show up differently on the screen. Organic items will appear as orange.

Generally, explosives are made from organic materials, thus allowing personnel reading the x-ray scanners to identify threats. If an object’s mass and density falls within the range of dangerous material, x-ray scanners will warn the operator of a potentially hazardous object. Security x-ray machines use low dose penetrating radiation to detect metallic and non-metallic objects hidden under clothing or body cavities. The way to judge the capability of an x-ray scanner or x-ray baggage scanner is to look for what it can offer your staff and facility.

Important questions you need to ask yourself about Security Z-Ray Machines in the US

  • 1. How easy is it to use?
  • 2.  Will I have to train my staff for hours or days?
  • 3.  What is the quality of the images?
  • 4.  How easily are dangerous items detectable on the screen?
  • 5.  How frequently does this machine produce a false alarm?
  • 6.  Does this machine shorten inspection time and reduce human error, or is it producing many false positives?

X-Ray Scanners in the US

At Point Security, we know x-ray scanners. With over 25 years of experience providing sales and service of security screening equipment throughout the United States and the Caribbean, we provide economically efficient solutions for airports, civil institutions, and businesses. Eliminate the need for human intervention and thus human error by investing in an x-ray baggage scanner which will quickly and efficiently detect any unwanted or dangerous items. We carry x-ray baggage scanners specifically designed to meet the requirements of airports, customs facilities, and parcel services whenever high-security screening is needed.

Point Security’s HI-SCAN models feature high-resolution imaging, easy startup operation, and high accuracy so you can make sure only the safe baggage gets through. Our B-SCAN people screening system provides full-body x-ray imaging to deter contraband and theft in persons. Point Security offers the latest and most advanced security x-ray machines to meet any facility need. Our full selection is available online. Please contact us for additional equipment that can be tailored to the size and needs of your facility.



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