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Transmission X-ray people screening system

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The B-SCAN series provides a security solution for people screening, enabling the detection of objects and threats concealed internally or externally on the body. B-SCAN helps to reduce the smuggling of drugs, guns, knives, cell phones and other contraband. B-SCAN utilizes fixed components, resulting in a reliable and easy to maintain system, with low lifetime of ownership costs.

There are currently more than 250 B-SCAN systems deployed around the world, in a variety of applications, such as prisons, airports and customs checkpoints. Other applications include mines and refineries, helping to reduce incidents of diamond, gem and precious metal thefts amongst employees.

B-SCAN 16HR-FB – Provides a full-body X-ray image, in excellent quality at 2.0μSv per inspection (~125 scans/year). This model is ideally suited for higher security inmate screening. Independently verified to meet the ANSI guidelines.

Feature Highlights

  • Detects objects concealed internally in or externally on the body. 
  • Contraband and threat detection including: weapons, explosives (plastic and powder), detonators, narcotics, electronic devices, diamonds, precious stones/metals and mobile phones. 
  • High throughput – scan time less than 7 seconds 
  • Complete head to toe inspection in one short inspection cycle, even if shoes are worn with very low dose rates. 
  • State of the art image processing software and zoom functions facilitates efficient image evaluation. 
  • Low dose rate <2.0μSv/inspection

Additional information

Weight 1808 lbs


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