Best Walk Through Metal Detectors in 2022

Best Walk Through Metal Detectors in 2022

Safety and improved security is a top concern for private companies and governmental agencies alike so it’s only natural for security metal detectors and door metal detectors or walk through metal detectors to become a part of daily life.  Such security equipment is extensively used in schools, for sporting events and concerts, in courthouses and even […]

Airport Security Technology in 2021

airport security technology in 2021

When it comes to far away holidays and business trips, passing through airport security is typically seen as one of the most stressful points. Although recent developments in airport security technology made checkpoints less intrusive than ever before, passengers are still required to follow several airport security guidelines: removal of all jewelry, belts and shoes, […]

CEIA Open Gate – New Weapons Detection System

Ceia Open Gate - New Weapons Detection System - Walk Through Metal Detector

CEIA USA, a leading provider of security screening equipment, announced the release of a new generation of walk-through metal detectors, the CEIA Open Gate. The Open Gate system is an open structure that provides unprecedented and automatic weapons screening of people with luggage, backpacks, and purses. The CEIA Open Gate system is characterized by its […]

No More Screening At Small Airports? What’s to Come

In recent news, TSA is considering reducing, even eliminating, security screening at approximately 150 small and medium-sized airports throughout the United States. If this frightening proposal is implemented, it will mark a significant change for US air travel since the terrorist attacks of 2001. In light of the recent upgrades in screening procedures for items […]

TSA Looks To Silicon Valley For Innovation On Bag Screening

Known for its incredible ingenuity and technology-focused institutions, Silicon Valley–a region in southern San Francisco Bay Area of California–is home to numerous start-up and global technology companies–Apple, Google, Facebook, NASA Ames Research Center, Chegg, Netflix, etc.–and is one of the wealthiest area in the United States. Due to their incredible reputation, various high-authority corporations team […]

New 3D Scanners To Check Carry On Bags

In recent travel news, TSA–the Transportation Security Administration–is currently testing a brand new security screening technology for carry-on bags. This new technology features a 3D scanner that will have the ability to virtually unpack carry-on bags. That’s right, this brand new 3D scanner will provide airport TSA security agents with highly detailed images of the […]

New Camera To Help TSA Spot Explosives In Los Angeles

With the holiday season around the corner, travelers are beginning to pack their bags, ship their presents, and purchase their plane tickets to spend these special days with family and loved ones. With the airports being at their busiest during this time of year, TSA and other airport security officials are upping security measures to […]

All Electronics Are Now Required To Be Screened At Airports

Just recently, TSA updated their security protocols and are now requiring flyers to not only put their laptops through security screening but all of the electronics that they bring with them. With technology constantly advancing, TSA is working very hard to keep up with the trends in order to keep passengers safe from any type […]