With the holiday season just around the corner, traveling to visit family and spend time with loved ones is soon to become very popular. If you and your family are flying out to visit family for the holidays, then you’ll want to stay tuned for some TSA approved tips on how to pack efficiently and travel safely this winter. With this new information, you’re guaranteed to have a prepared and stress-free experience through the airport, allowing you to enjoy your long awaited holiday vacation much sooner.

Carry-on Packing Pointers

For those who are traveling on short trips and don’t see the need for a checked bag, here are a few packing pointers to follow for a smooth transition through security.


Travelers who are flying for countless hours, rest assured that you’re allowed to pack deodorant with you. Currently, travelers are permitted to bring any size stick deodorant aboard an aircraft. Any types of deodorant that are in spray, gel, liquid, paste, or roll-on form must be under 3.4 ounces and secured in a clear, plastic bag.   

Shaving Instruments

Whether or not shaving razors are permitted on board an aircraft has always been a topic of interest amongst flyers. Since razor heads can be expensive, passengers don’t want to pack them in their personal item or carry-on in fear of confiscation. TSA does in fact allow shaving razors to be packed in a carry-on, but there are a few restrictions. Disposable razors or razor heads and electric razors are tolerated on board the plane, but straight razors are not.

Liquids, Gels & aerosols

All products that are in liquid, gel, or aerosol form must be 3.4 ounces and under and placed in a clear, quart-size bag when traveling with a carry-on bag. If you are a person who uses many toiletries and products at home that are over 3.4 ounces, it might be a wise choice to pack them in a checked bag or invest in travel-size bottles to transfer the products into.


If you are traveling and take certain medications, don’t worry – you are allowed to bring them on board with you. The only stipulation is that they need to go through screening and be clearly labeled. If you have pills or medication that is in solid form and are in a carry-on, be sure to place them in a clear plastic bag for TSA attendants to easily examine. Also be aware that TSA agents reserve the right to test and liquids, gels, and aerosols at their own discretion.   

Traveling with Gifts

Traveling with holiday presents is allowed by most airlines, however, if they aren’t small enough to be secured in your checked bag or carry-on luggage, then the cost of flying those gifts out with you will become more expensive. Depending on your travel situation, it may be much simpler, and less expensive, to order your gifts online and send them to your family or friends house. Sometimes tackling TSA and their high-grade security screening equipment can be a difficult and stressful task when you neglect to follow the basic rules and incorrectly pack your carry-on or personal item. By following these TSA-approved tips, you are guaranteed to pass through airport security much faster.

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