Point Security offers large-scale cargo x-ray machines, as well as high-tech security screening equipment suited for a large variety of locations and applications. Due to our extensive inventory of cargo x-ray scanners and security equipment, we are able to supply State, Federal and Local Government and non-Government facilities across the United States and Caribbean. Airports as well as transportation companies can benefit from our top of the line cargo x-ray machines.

HI-SCAN 180180-2IS Pro

Our HI-SCAN 180180-2IS Pro is specifically designed for the detailed inspection of sizable packages. Due to its wide dimensions, the HI-SCAN 180180-2IS Pro can even screen LD3 containers. With its dual-view concept, image evaluations are much more enhanced and reliable, shortening inspection times of each package by a considerable amount and allowing for a much smoother screening process.

Most importantly, the HI-SCAN 180180-2IS offers high penetration capabilities that prevents the need for oversized packages to be disassembled into a collection of individual packages.

This high-quality cargo x-ray machine is an excellent option for freight facilities that transport a variety of sumptuous packages and cargo.

HI-SCAN 145180-2IS

For the screening needs of warehouses, carriers, forwarders, and couriers for airports, the HI-SCAN 145180-2IS is a great choice.

As a Heimann X-Ray Inspection System, the HI-SCAN 145180-2IS is the ideal cargo x-ray scanner for a variety of air cargo that’s transported in European, British, and US pallets. This advanced x-ray scanner features a universal x-ray system for palletized items, and like the HI-SCAN 180180-2IS Pro, this scanner features the dual-view concept for quick inspections times.

This high-tech scanner meets all TSA requirements for skid size and even features HI-MAT Plus technology that works as a highly advanced material recognition tool. At Point Security, we have only the best, most high-tech cargo x-ray scanners for all of our security clients.

TSA-Approved Cargo X-Ray Machines

All of our cargo x-ray machines and scanners are TSA-qualified for the screening of large packages transported by freight systems. Additionally, for all of our cargo x-ray machines, we offer long-term service with 24-hour call support; for any questions or concerns you may have regarding our cargo x-ray machines, the team at Point Security is here to help. Call us today for more details on our inventory of cargo x-ray scanners.

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