When it comes to far away holidays and business trips, passing through airport security is typically seen as one of the most stressful points. Although recent developments in airport security technology made checkpoints less intrusive than ever before, passengers are still required to follow several airport security guidelines: removal of all jewelry, belts and shoes, separating the belongings into different trays, removal of liquids and electronics.

All of these security protocols can take a toll, especially on weary travelers. Due to this reason, the application of advanced technologies and equipment at security checkpoints has been a priority for airports in order to maintain an advantage over their competitors – keeping traveling safe and pleasurable.

CT Technology & Airport Security

Computer tomography technology, commonly known as CT scanners are typically used by the medical sector to generate 3D, volumetric x-ray images. When applied to airport security, CT scanners can enable security personnel to inspect baggage from every angle. With the help of explosive trace detection systems and object recognition software, prohibited items such as weapons and liquids can be detected at a much faster pace. The implementation of these systems which are complementary to airport x-ray machines boosts both the speed as well as the precision of the security checkpoint.

The adoption of this new technology is great news for travelers, since CT scanners eliminate the need to remove electronic devices and liquids from luggage – which in turn reduces queuing times and improves the overall checkpoint experience.

Biometrics Technology

Facial recognition technology is becoming the norm in airports all around the world, by providing a faster, paperless boarding experience. Until recently, facial recognition technology was only used for exit checks and check-ins, but since the technology provided a match-rate close to 100%, it was implemented for baggage drops as well, with some airlines even using it for their boarding processes. Passengers enjoy a better travel experience through the implementation of such automated airport security technology.

Streamlined Airport Security

The airport security industry is experiencing exciting growth both in terms of volume, as well as technological advances. Nowadays, airport security technology seeks to automate airport processes, while at the same time ensuring greater security measures and a minimally invasive travel experience for passengers. Contact Point Security today to learn more about our security solutions!

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