Safety and improved security is a top concern for private companies and governmental agencies alike so it’s only natural for security metal detectors and door metal detectors or walk through metal detectors to become a part of daily life.  Such security equipment is extensively used in schools, for sporting events and concerts, in courthouses and even in offices. Ideally, all of these systems provide individuals with an enhanced sense of security, without being intrusive or disruptive.

Top Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Security professionals often use walk through metal detectors in conjunction with other systems, such as handheld security metal detectors, IP cameras, X-ray machines, and access control systems. That being said, let’s review some of the best walk through metal detectors in 2022.

CEIA’s Classic Metal Detector

CEIA’s Classic walk through metal detector is an excellent choice for security professionals due to its competitive price-to-performance ratio. It was designed to be the perfect fit for city halls, amusement parks, hotels, schools and just about any public facility. The cylinder design is aesthetically pleasing for most discrete applications, making it the perfect choice for court houses as well.

PMD2 Plus Elliptic from CEIA

The PMD2 Plus Elliptic is the best choice for portable use and quick installation. The technology used in this walk through metal detector allows for high precision discrimination along with random alarm capability ranging from 0% to 100%. The PMD2 Plus uses Met-Identify technology which can identify multiple types of metal in real time.

PD 6500i From Garrett

The Garrett PD 6500i offers superior pinpoint technology along with unmatched discrimination features. This high volume detector has proven its effectiveness at major events such as the Olympic Games and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The PD 6500i offers 200 distinct sensitivity levels along with 33 detection zones, which allows users to quickly identify and find all metallic objects.

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