B.O.S.S stands for Body Orifice Security Scanner which refers to a type of security scanner that helps to detect objects concealed in body cavities.

These types of scanners are used in prisons to scan inmates and also visitors for the smallest pieces of metal on or inside a person.

The scanners are able to find SIM cards, mobile phones, knives, paper clips or any metallic objects that are moving or stationary, giving a positive signal when an object is detected.

A positive aspect is the detection of contraband objects hidden in the oral cavity, objects that can go completely undetected by other scanners such as handheld security scanners.

Why do prisons and jails need B.O.S.S scanners?

The BOSS chair scanner is a non-invasive solution for safety and responsibility. Unfortunately, according to federal data one of the leading causes of death in prisons is due to overdoses.

Different kinds of drugs get into prisons in a number of various ways, one of it being sneaking items inside a person or communication devices such as cell phones. Drugs can also be hidden in food, medications or different small objects. The BOSS chair scanners can scan for different types of metallic contraband hidden inside the human body or in the mouth.

Is the scan painful or intrusive?

No, the scan is not painful at all. The boss chair scanner is a non-invasive screening method. It is fast, harmless, safe and sanitary.

What are the body orifice detection zones?

The boss chair scanner can identify tiny objects with the help of its sensors. The detection works on body zones like the oral-nasal cavity, abdomen, leg-shin or foot area, along with other private areas.

The scan procedure is fast and the person being screened simply sits down in the chair. In the case of oral cavity screening, the person has to put his or her chin near the oral sensor. As an added bonus, the B.O.S.S screening device also keeps your security staff safe.

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