These human presence detection systems can detect unauthorized individuals hiding in vehicles or containers by sensing the vibrations caused by the human heartbeat, in an area of interest (AOI).

The vibrations are analyzed in real time and alert the operator if further investigation is required.

How does a Human Presence Detection System work?

People hiding in vehicles, or in various containers carried in turn by vehicles, are detected by certain magnetic sensors.

These magnetic sensors will be placed on the container or vehicle, helping to detect those hiding without the need for time-consuming searches of the premises by competent persons.

We can say that the sensors are similar to those used in earthquake detection, by measuring the small movements and vibrations created by the heartbeat.

What are magnetic sensors?

A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity (mass, pressure, temperature, humidity, etc.) and converts it into a signal that can be read by an observer through an instrument or processed.

Magnetic sensors are devices that change the state of output circuits in the presence of magnetic fields.

Magnetic sensors have been integrated into many fields other than industrial and automation, such as vehicle function monitoring, healthcare, agriculture and environmental monitoring. In transport, sensor technology supports the design and development of a wide range of applications for propulsion control, safety and entertainment.

Where these systems are of use?

The system is used for trucks and lorries. Anyone hiding in such a vehicle can be detected. Thanks to the system, border guards find out not only if there are people hiding in the truck, but also how many.

In addition, the system is used in search and rescue, customer analytics, and surveillance.

The ability to identify the existence of people in a physical space has become more and more important over time, being a life significant saving tool.

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