Touchless security screening is the norm in 2022, with walk through metal detectors and handheld security metal detectors becoming more and more advanced over the years. This type of equipment can detect any sort of metallic objects and show exactly where it is positioned. Apart from that, it’s also a non-intrusive means of processing a large amount of people in very little time, making them the perfect choice for airport security professionals.

Weapons Detection in 2022

Weapons detection equipment is essential for government buildings, airports, entertainment venues and even schools. This equipment allows security professionals to quickly determine if a person has a forbidden item such as a weapon or knife on their person, and more importantly what type of weapon. By knowing exactly where the item is located, they can neutralize threats more safely and effectively for all the parties involved.

Touchless Screening Made Easy

Touchles screening equipment is the first line of defense for security professionals worldwide. These detectors are highly effective at screening high volumes of patrons and require less operational costs than fully trained staff members. Crowded venues, arenas, public transportation and even courthouses can benefit from touchless metal detectors, allowing entry points and infrastructure to be safeguarded from internal and external threads.

CEIA Screening Machines

CEIA is an industry leader in the production and design of high-performance touchless detectors and security screening machines.  Security agencies from all around the world are depending on CEIA Metal Detectors to protect high ranking government officials as well as different buildings such as court houses, airports and concert halls.


The CEIA OPENGATE is a top of the line weapons detection system designed for automatic screening of people in transit – including bags, backpacks and luggage, for the detection of metal threats such as weapons, knives and IEDs.

The CEIA OPENGATE system is the best choice in terms of precision, portability and reliability. Weighing in at just 25 pounds, it can be installed and made operational in less than a minute, due to its easy setup design. Since it was built with large crowds in mind, there are no cords or obstacles between the two pillars to trip or step over. This detector is compatible with indoor as well as outdoor operations, as well as all environmental conditions, making it a top choice for security professionals who require flexibility coupled with the utmost precision.

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