For adventure seekers and outdoorsy men and women who enjoy the art of traveling, here are a few tips on how to get through airport security with equipment.

Airport Screening & Scuba Gear

If you’re a seasoned diver with an eagerness to scuba dive all throughout the majestic reefs of the sea, chances are you’ll be doing quite a lot of traveling. Scuba diving can be an expensive hobby, so you will no doubt, want to bring your own diving gear along with you to save money on your excursions. If you are traveling with your scuba gear it’s highly recommended to invest in both a carry-on bag and a checked bag.

All of your expensive equipment such as your dive computers and regulators should be packed safely in your carry-on bag; this way they will avoid any damage that can come from being tossed around in the baggage area under the plane. In your checked bag, you should include both your dive jacket, wet suit, fins, and mask along with extra fin straps and repair gear just in case.

If you own a dive knife, it’s extremely important to include it with your checked bag items. If it’s in your carry-on, it will show up on airport screening machines and get confiscated immediately. Tanks and weights are very unnecessary to bring on board with you since many dive resorts will supply those items for you.

Airport Security & Camping or Fishing Equipment

For those who love to take vacations involving fishing and camping, the best way to successfully travel with your equipment is by calling your airline in advance to double check if your gear is allowed on the plane. Basic items such as trekking and hiking poles or animal and insect repellent are permitted in your checked bag.

It’s important to note that if the repellent is 3.4 ounces or under, it can be packed in a carry-on. Camping items such as fuel, burning paste, and gel fire starter are illegal to bring on the plane regardless of which bag it is in.

If you have these items and are planning a camping trip, please refrain from packing them in your luggage and plan to purchase these items once you have reached your destination. TSA does allow fishing rods and tackle to be transported on the plane but these items should be securely packed in your checked luggage.   

Passing Through Security with Sporting Equipment

Most sporting goods are allowed on the plane if they are packed in the checked luggage. Whether it’s golf clubs, baseball gear, skiing gear, hockey equipment, etc. be sure to pack it in an appropriate travel bag that will protect them from any damage from other bags.

It is best advised to contact your airline about any additional fees there might be when checking larger sporting equipment.  

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