Even if the purpose of mobile phones is to communicate with loved ones or browse the internet, not all prisoners use these devices for these reasons. Therefore, mobile phones can be used for illegal activities such as monitoring criminal activities, provoking witnesses, organizing escapes or other serious crimes.

Sometimes, phones can also be used to gather certain information about prison staff, thereby facilitating the coordination of certain activities within the facility. Unfortunately, the illegal use of cell phones is a growing and dangerous issue and also a serious threat to prison security.

How can prisons prevent illegal activities caused by the use of mobile phones?

Some facilities have taken measures such as enforcing sanctions against inmates who own mobile devices and sanctions against staff who smuggle them.

Other methods used by some facilities to prevent illegal activities include:

  • Blocking the signal of phones
  • Special dogs trained and used to sniff out mobile phones
  • Ferromagnetic mobile phone detectors
  • Experimental managed communications technologies that block inmate communications while allowing others to communicate

What exactly is the MSD product and what are the benefits of it ?

MSD – or Magneto Static Detector is a highly portable cell phone detector designed to detect all cell phones or other contraband objects, usually concealed on the person or in body cavities.

This detector can easily and quickly detect objects such as: smart phones, key fob cell phones or radio transceivers  with or without batteries, magnets and ferromagnetic metals. CEIA MSD is a portable ferromagnetic detector with an extremely durable design, fully programmable and weather proof with 5 individual zones for pinpointing locations of contraband on the body perfectly and safe for use (for pace makers and other medical implants).

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