Security door metal detectors and handheld metal detectors are commonly used at checkpoints in military establishments, prisons, court buildings, airports and even schools. Hand held metal detectors or security wands are commonly used with other security equipment such as walk through detectors, with wands deployed for focused screening after a walk-through detector alarm was triggered.

How do hand held metal detectors work?

Handheld metal detectors work by emitting an electromagnetic field that detects the presence of metal or metallic objects. A security wand has two main components, a transmitter coil that creates an electromagnetic field and a receiver coil that detects electromagnetism. The electromagnetic field generated by the transmitter coil extends to around 20 cm from the security wand. When the wand is passed over a metallic object, it reacts with it and the receiver coil triggers an alert for the operator. The difference between the electromagnetic field of the transmitter coil and that of the receiver coil tells the device a metallic object is near it.

Quality security wands offer different alarm indicators such as vibrations, audible alarms and visual LEDs.

The best thing about premium handheld metal detectors is that they are self-calibrating, which eliminates the need for periodical sensitivity adjustment or servicing. Most wands are light weight and ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the operator’s wrists. Your average wand will provide around eighty hours of continuous operation before the battery needs to be recharged or replaced.

Scanning People with Hand Held Metal Detectors

Metal detector wands have become increasingly affordable and popular, offering a plethora of applications for improved security. For example, night clubs are often required to scan patrons as they enter the premises and sports stadia use these devices as a security measure. Premium hand-held metal detectors will find concealed weapons and knives as well as drugs or money wrapped in foil.  

When using a security wand it’s important to note that the device is a motion detector – it will not raise an alarm if it’s held stationary. The operator must keep the scanner moving over the metal object in order to detect it. If the device is stationary, the receiver coil will not register electromagnetic fields bouncing off the metallic object.

One of the biggest advantages of security wands is that scanning people for weapons with these devices requires no body contact. The device operator does not need to touch the subject in any way, as the wand is simply passed over the subject’s clothing, without needing to touch them.

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