With all types of crime on the rise, hand held security wands are becoming increasingly necessary for security professionals. In this article we will review some of the features and capabilities modern hand held metal detectors have to offer. If you are looking for the right model for your organization, please check our page with some of the best security wand metal detectors for sale.


What are security wand metal detectors?

These days, handheld metal detectors are being used all around us. These devices are commonly found in distribution and manufacturing facilities, schools, jails, airports, outdoor events and gatherings, night clubs, sports events and other entertainment venues. High-volume application requires the use of walk through metal detectors as a screening option but if you want to determine the precise location of a metallic object, you need to use a hand security scanner. The use of security wands alone can be an effective security method for lower volume searches. Review our article on how to use handheld metal detectors for scanning people for more tips on safe and fast security procedures.

How to choose a security metal detector?

Security wand metal detectors come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s worthwhile to pick a model that is best suited for your needs. You can consider a model like the Garrett THD if your application requires that the device is concealed. The Garrett THD Is used by security services, military agencies and police departments from all over the world. This security wand is approximately over an inch in diameter and near the size of a pen. The THD provides the same sensitivity and capability as larger security wands but in a more compact package.

Most professional security wands are long, narrow and paddle-shaped. The Garrett Superwand is a perfect example of this type of full-sized security wand. The Superwand is built to withstand continuous use in demanding environments. This model also features sensitivity adjustment that allows you to increase or decrease the response from various metals.

Most security hand scanners trigger an audio alarm whenever a metallic object is detected. In noisy environments you can connect a headset directly to the security wand, as to hear the alert properly. But in very noisy environments such as manufacturing facilities or night clubs a detector with a visual indicator is the best option. Some models feature a vibration function whenever a metal object is detected.  These functions allow security professionals to precisely pinpoint contraband or forbidden items.

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