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High-Tech Cargo X-Ray Machines For Sale

At Point Security, we offer a large-scale line of cargo x-ray machines and high-tech security screening equipment. With our extensive inventory of cargo x-ray scanners and screening equipment, Point Security is able to supply Federal, State, and Local Government and non-Government facilities all across the US and Caribbean. Although airports tend to be our biggest clients, we also supply a vast range of cargo and transportation companies with our top-of-the-line inventory of cargo x-ray machines.

All of our cargo x-ray machines and scanners are TSA-qualified for the screening of large packages transported by freight systems. Additionally, for all of our cargo x-ray machines, we offer long-term service with 24-hour call support; for any questions or concerns you may have regarding your cargo x-ray machine, the team at Point Security is here to help. Call us today for more details on our inventory of cargo x-ray scanners.