Airport security is of the upmost importance for governments and the agencies that implement it. While spending more time waiting to get through airport security can be a hassle for most travelers, it’s actually essential to the way airports work to keep citizens safe from all kinds of danger. Here is an overview of the types of security systems for airports currently used all around the world.

Passenger Pre-Board Screening

Passenger pre-board screening is a very common practice in airports all around the world. Generally, passengers are screened shortly before boarding their assigned plane, along with their cabin-baggage. Screening officers may use different procedures and technologies to prevent any prohibited items from getting on the plane.

Passenger pre-board screening methods may include the use of explosives trace detection systems, pat-downs, hand held metal detectors and walk-through metal detectors.

Non-Passenger Screening

Non-passenger screening is performed before anyone can access the restricted areas of any airport. Non-passengers include baggage handlers, maintenance personnel, caterers, customer service personnel, as well as the cabin and flight crews. Non-passenger screening usually takes place during operational hours at the different checkpoints leading into restricted areas and at random times within the restricted areas themselves. Some security checkpoints may be fitted with biometric technology in order to ensure maximum safety for all passengers and staff.

Non passenger airport screening methods usually include physical search, pat-down’s, the use of full body scanners, hand-held metal detectors, walk-through metal detectors, security X-ray systems and explosives trace detection.

Baggage Airport Screening

Security personnel will screen the hold baggage as well as the checked in baggage of all passengers before it gets on board the plane.

Baggage Airport Screening methods and technology include computed tomography systems, x-ray systems, explosive detection systems and physical search.

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