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Metal detectors have been around for years. A trip to the airport would not be complete without the obligatory divesting of everything metal about your person into a plastic tray and passing through a full size, walk through metal detectors. In the case of it going off, a lower-frequency, the hand-held metal detector can then be used to identify exactly where the metal is that set off the alarm. This enables quick and remote sourcing of any concealed metal without the need for pat-downs.

These products have come a long way since the early days of metal detection technology. Aircraft hijackings in the 1970s led the United States to adopt walk-through metal detectors to screen airline passengers, initially using magnetometers that were designed for logging operations to detect spikes in trees.

The Finnish company Outokumpu adapted mining metal detectors in the 1970s, that were housed in a large cylindrical pipe, enabling the first commercial walk-through metal detector. The evolution of these systems continued to the point where the recognizable configuration of a rectangular gantry now standard in airports appeared.

CEIA Metal Detectors

The primary use of walk-through metal detectors is to protect airports, government buildings, and other secured locations from potential acts of crime, violence, and terrorist attacks. Technology has come a long way and it continues to evolve. Point Security provides a variety of walk-through metal detectors from CEIA, which has 50+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing many different types of metal detectors.

We can help you with repairing your CEIA Metal Detector 

It is all a part of our mission to offer metal detection equipment that continues to meet the ever-demanding and evolving security requirements of the 21st century.

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