With the holiday season around the corner, travelers are beginning to pack their bags, ship their presents, and purchase their plane tickets to spend these special days with family and loved ones. With the airports being at their busiest during this time of year, TSA and other airport security officials are upping security measures to ensure that travelers remain safe and nothing falls through the cracks with the massive groups of fliers coming in and out of the airport. With that in mind, TSA is testing a brand new security screening technique that is supposedly designed to detect threats such as hidden explosives and suicide vests. Currently, the testing for this new screening device is being held in Los Angeles, California–however, this special device also went through practice runs in the rails hubs of Washington.

Advanced Scanning For Increased Security

This new scanning system was created in lieu of the pipe bombing attack that occurred this month in New York City. These cameras are designed to stop attacks that fall under the umbrella of suicide bombs by scanning people who enter in and out of high-trafficked transit areas–airports, train stations, subways, etc. The cameras have that ability to scan and detect for concealed items that are often hidden beneath clothing.

Although it is still in its testing stages, authorities are highly impressed and very eager to implement them in transit areas. As of right now, the cameras are being put through a series of tests in the 7th street metro station of LA–one of the busiest regions of LA with a staggering 86,000 travelers passing through each day throughout the work week. Interestingly enough, these cameras will not be in the front and center of each transit hub–TSA likes to operate at a hidden but efficient level. The new screening equipment will be placed up high and in the background of each area–allowing it to cover as much surface area as possible. Most importantly, travelers can rest easy knowing that their health will not be put at risk with this type of screening technology. The developers behind the equipment designed it so that it does not involve the use of radiation in order to detect explosive materials. So, not only will the technology keep travelers even safer, it will not affect their health in any way. 

With technology constantly changing and evolving, terrorists are always looking for new ways to conceal explosive devices that will pass the tests of security. With this in mind, TSA makes it a top priority to make the necessary advancements and upgrades to screening processes to ensure the safety of everyone. Frank Cilluffo, homeland security expert explains, “There is no silver bullet, no silver technical bullet to prevent all acts of terrorism, but clearly as part of a layered defense…it can play a role in at least making it harder for the bad guys” (source). TSA shows high hopes for this new technology and is putting it through as many tests as possible to ensure that it works to its best ability no matter the situation or the number of people that are in the same vicinity.

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