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NetID System

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Network Management Systems

  NetID Brochure

The NetID System allows users to centrally manage a network of CEIA Metal Detectors.

The NetID System is an integrated solution for centralized and remote management of CEIA equipment via an Ethernet network.

The System is composed of a server loaded with software applications (NetID ELSA) and of the Ethernet network controllers for connection to the CEIA equipment.

Through the APSiM3Plus Ethernet network controllers both CEIA walk-through Metal Detectors and other equipment (e.g. EMA and SAMD) to the NetID System.

Some of the NetID System functions are as follows:

  • Gathering and storage of information relating to each individual transit through the equipment connected to the network;
  • Real-time monitoring of the operational status of the connected de-vices;
  • Real-time notification of any anomalies in the equipment or modifi-cations to parameters;
  • Remote management of the configuration of the connected equip-ment via password-protected personal access;
  • Storage of every individual event associated with the connected equipment in the NetID System’s database.
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