Walk through metal detectors are the first line of defense in security screening & airport security checkpoints. That is why airport metal detector manufacturers are always striving to improve their products by making them more precise, more reliable and easier to use & implement in a wide range of facilities. Nowadays, walk through metal detectors are commonly used in public transportation, arenas, crowded venues where security is a concern.

Airport metal detectors also have lower operational costs, compared to fully trained staff members. These detectors are very effective at screening high volumes of people. Our walk through metal detectors for airports can examine all kinds of metals – hidden dangerous weapons such as knives and handguns are easily visible for airport officials.

CEIA USA Airport Metal Detectors

CEIA started developing industrial-use metal detectors back in 1962. Their activity began with the production of a metal detector used by the textile industry. This metal detector was capable of detecting tiny quantities of metal in fabrics and it was used to protect textile production machinery.

CEIA USA sells, distributes and services some of the most advanced airport metal detectors in the world. Different states, local governments, corporations and the federal government are among CEIA’s list of clients.

Nowadays, ever-stricter regulations are applied to the security sector and walk through metal detectors must provide the highest operational and functional performance. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and designing metal detectors for a variety of uses, CEIA developed a series of detector machines with superior sensitivity.

Garrett Airport Metal Detectors

Garrett is a leader in the manufacture, development and research of security metal detectors. The company was founded back in 1964 by Charles Garrett and since then it provided security solutions for entertainment venues, sports facilities, hospitals, airports, schools and universities, prisons and airports.

Garrett offers and produces walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors and ground search detectors for law enforcement and security entities worldwide. Both CEIA and Garrett are certified by the International Standards Organization as ISO 9001 manufacturers and their metal detectors were used for several Olympic Games, as well as numerous airports from around the world.

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Explosive Detection Systems: Safeguarding Air TravelExplosive Detection Systems: Safeguarding Air Travel

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