North Carolina-Based Security Screening Equipment Company has Recently Launched a New Security Scanner Product Offering

Lexington, NC, May 26, 2015 (Newswire) – ​​​

Point Security, Inc. recently launched a new product offering, the RSD Security Scanners B.O.S.S. Chairs. Specifically, Point Security, Inc. offers the BOSS II – a 5-Zone Body Orifice Security Scanner.

For many years now, RSD Security Scanner’s B.O.S.S. chairs have been used in some of the toughest jails and prisons in America to detect unwanted metallic contraband objects hidden within the body cavities of detainees and inmates. After close collaboration with correctional facilities across the U.S., RSD Security Scanners has implemented new features into the BOSS II to further meet and exceed the rigorous demands correctional facilities require.

The BOSS II 5-Zone Body Orifice Security Scanner performs a full body scan on five zones: the oral/nasal cavity, the abdomen cavity, the anal/vaginal cavity, the lower leg area, and the foot area.

The featured highlights of this product offering include: Visual and Audio Alarms; Easy to Operate and Maintain; Wheel Kit for Easy Mobility; Hi/Low Master Sensitivity Switch; Harmless to Pregnant Women; and, a Back Up Battery Kit (Optional).

“We are excited to be able to offer the BOSS II Chairs as a new security scanner product offering,” said Sean Noyes, Sales Manager of Point Security, Inc. “Already since becoming a new supplier for these chairs, we have had a major order with several of a particular State Department of Correction’s facilities to help keep inmates and staff safe and more secure.”

The BOSS II has many applications such as: Prisons, Jails and Detention Centers; Customs and Border Patrol Facilities; Previous Metal Mines and Refineries; Coin Counting Facilities; Protection against Violent Crime and Lawsuit Liabilities; Non-Intrusive; Sanitary Body Cavity Searches; Jewelry and Watch Manufacturing Loss Prevention; and, Computer Component Manufacturing Loss Prevention.