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HI-SCAN 6040 DV is an advanced dual-view X-ray inspection system for the automatic detection of explosives and liquids.



HI-SCAN 6040 DV is an advanced dual-view X-ray inspection system for automatic detection of explosives and liquids. The dual-view increases operational efficiency by eliminating the need to re-position or re-scan objects. Offering superior image quality, smart display functions and easy integration into tray handling and management systems, it is the ideal solution for efficient screening in high threat applications such as airports, government facilities, embassies, or banks.

EDS CB C1 and LEDS algorithms – in combination with the optional iCMORE weapons capability for automatic detection of pistols, revolvers, gun parts, flick, and fixed blade knives – elevate security, efficiency, and automation, without requiring additional hardware. Automatic detection reduces the burden on image analysts and is particularly helpful for less experienced operators.

The HI-SCAN 6040 DV also provides highest level of protection against cyber threats by applying industry best practices such as operating system hardening, a host-based firewall, TripWire integrity monitoring and powerful user management with highly configurable password policies.

The new Optimised Background Contrast function enables images to be viewed on a darker background rather than the legacy white, making object identification significantly easier.

HI-SCAN 6040 DV is also compatible with the Checkpoint.Evoplus screening and management platform which supports actionable operational data insights and health status monitoring plus centralised screening.

Straightforward integration into Smiths Detection or third-party tray handling lanes makes it an ideal choice for high-throughput applications.


Feature Highlights

  • Dual-view X-ray with high-definition imaging
  • Smart display functions – accurate and fast decisions
  • Optional automatic weapon detection
  • Easy integration into tray handling systems
  • Highest levels of cyber security
  • Compact footprint – weight 820kg/1808 lbs
  • ECAC LEDS Standard 2 Type C approved
  • ECAC EDS CB C1 approval
  • ACSTL and STAC planned


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