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Divesting Tables

Metal Detector Indoor & Outdoor Divesting Tables

SKU: CEIA - Divesting Tables


The Metal Detector Divesting Table acts both as a spacer between the X-ray unit and the metal detector and as a temporary depository for personal metal items which are not required to undergo X-ray analysis.

The base is constructed in material that guarantees maximum compatibility with the Metal Detector, and will not transmit any mechanical shocks from the X-ray unit to the inspection gate.

Key Features:

  • Zero-Influence on Metal Detector Gates 
  • Ergonomic Depository Area 
  • Robust and Reliable 
  • Easy to Clean and to Maintain 
  • Color Matched to the Gate Structure

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Table Type

Indoor Divesting Table (2'), Indoor Divesting Table (4'), Outdoor Divesting Table w/ MBSU Docking Station (4')


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