Radiation Dosimetry and Testing

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Radiation Dosimeters

Radiation dosimeters are devices used to measure and monitor levels of ionizing radiation.

Radiation dosimeters have two main functions:

  • 1) Human radiation protection 
  • 2) Measurement of dose in civil defense institutions, nuclear facilities, and hospitals.

Point Security Inc. sells fully accredited radiation dosimeters. We provide peace of mind knowing that radiation exposure is constantly being monitored and that personnel do not take in more radiation than they have to.

If you or your staff are working with radiation-emitting equipment you understand the value of monitoring the risk of exposure at all times. Meet occupational safety regulations with the Thermo Scientific dosimeter RadEye G20-10. The RadEye dosimeter provides X-Ray and Gamma-Ray survey for ambient equivalent dose and dose rate measurement.

Product Features:

This lightweight yet rugged instrument is ideal for ambient equivalent dose and dose rate measurement, with a flat energy response curve from 17keV to 1.3MeV according to ambient equivalent dose H*(10).

  • 1) It uses two AAA batteries to keep the radiation dosimeter running for more than 500 hours.
  • 2) Bright backlight LCD display offers plain text messages in multiple language choices.
  • 3) The simple menu-driven user interface allows for low training costs and immediate familiarity.

For full information on the Thermo Scientific RadEye, dosimeter click here.

  • 1) Luxel dosimeter services provide X, Gamma, and Beta radiation monitoring with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology. OSL technology is the newest advancement in passive radiation protection dosimetry that improves on the best features of traditional film and TLD technologies. The Luxel dosimeter was created by Landauer.
  • 2) The radiation dosimeter - Provides diagnostic capabilities to identify static or dynamic states during radiation exposure, and a wide dynamic range of measurement with excellent long-term stability.
  • 3) Landauer dosimeters - Include a full range of diagnostic and reporting services including reporting, shipment tracking or account maintenance transactions. To see the Luxel dosimeter’s full details as well as the accreditations, approvals, and licenses, click here.


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