RadEye G20-10

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X-Ray and Gamma Survey Meter

  RadEye G20-10 Brochure

The RadEye G20-10 X-Ray and Gamma Survey Meter for ambient equivalent dose and dose rate measurement are the perfect solution for nuclear industry personnel as well as civil defense, fire brigades, and hospital and pharmaceutical industry employees who work with radiation-emitting equipment.

Feature Benefits

  • Fast response, even below 1 μSv/h 
  • Rugged, compact design with thick rubber protective cover 
  • Menu-driven user interface for low training cost and immediate familiarity 
  • Huge internal data memory for both scale results and continuous data recording 
  • Bright backlit LCD display, offering plain text messages in multiple language choices 
  • Audible indication: single pulse or chirper mode proportional to count rate 
  • Earphone output for operation in loud environments


  • Civil defense/fire brigades, hospitals, nuclear industry, and the pharmaceutical industry


  • RadEye G20-10 X-Ray and Gamma Survey Meters


  • Pancake GM with multi-element filter

Height (English)       

  • 5.12 in.

Height (Metric)       

  • 130mm

Depth (English)       

  • 2.44 in.

Depth (Metric)        

  • 62mm

Temperature (English) Operating

  • -4 to +122°F

Temperature (Metric) Operating

  • -20° to +50°C

Weight (English)

  • 10.6 oz.

Weight (Metric)

  • 300g

Width (English)

  • 2.64 in.

Width (Metric)

  • 67mm

Measurement Ranges

  • 0.01µSv/h to 2mSv/h

Energy Range

  • 17 keV to 3 MeV(± 30%); 17 keV to 3.0 MeV according to IEC 60846-1 (2009)

Battery Life

  • More than 500 hours on two AAA batteries

Battery Type

  • 2 AAA batteries


  • Designed to meet and exceed IEC 60846-1.

Display Type

  • Backlit LCD

Dose Rate Limit

  • 2mSv/h (200mrem/h)

Item Description

  • RadEye G20-10 X-Ray and Gamma Survey Meters, Upper dose rate limit: 2 mSv/h


  • +/- 10% within the measurement range

Response Time

  • Approx. 4 cps per µSv/h


  • Sv/h; rem/h


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