Guns Assembled Reference Test Samples

Guns Assembled Test Kits For Quality Assurance

Guns Assembled-Disassembled – Reference Test Kit Brochure


Point Security, Inc. provides manufacturer certified Reference Test Samples reproducing for shape, material and signal on Walk-Through Metal Detectors with the same effect of the real targets.

The encapsulated Guns Assembled Kits provide operators test pieces for use in their X-ray and Walk-Through Metal Detectors Machines to test for sensitivity and functionality.


  • Encapsulated North American Arms .22 cal Long Rifle handgun 
  • Encapsulated Davis D-32 .32 cal handgun 
  • Holder for the ankle position 
  • Form for the periodic Verification of Calibration (VOC) 
  • Instructions for the daily verification of the calibration 
  • Carrying bag

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs