About Us

Point Security, Inc., is a certified small business with over twenty-five years of experience providing sales and service of security screening equipment throughout the United States and Caribbean.

We offer an extensive line of new and refurbished X-ray machines, walk-through metal detectors, handheld metal detectors and Explosive Trace Detection Equipment. We also offer an expanding line of accessories, training/testing aides and support equipment for all your screening equipment requirements.

We also provide rental metal detectors and X-ray machines.

Our experienced field service technicians can perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs on most brands of equipment. Doing so in a professional, cost effective manner that will reduce downtime and keep your facility secure.

Our extensive inventory allows us to offer the most up to date equipment for short and long-term rentals, non-destructive testing and equipment leasing.


Our customers include:

  • Federal, State and Local Government Facilities
  • Transportation: Airlines, Cruise Industry, Freight Forwarders
  • Military
  • Education: Public Schools, Colleges
  • Corporate: Mailrooms, Theft Prevention, Trash Inspection
  • Nuclear Power Facilities
  • Non-Destructive Testing: Food Processing, Jewelry, Boxed Goods Inspection
  • Rentals:
  • Entertainment Events
  • Corporate Events: Share Holders Meetings, Conventions
  • TV/Movie Sets
  • Sporting Events
  • Manufacturing Component Inspection
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