Radiation Dosimetry and Testing

Luxel® + Dosimeter

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OSL dosimeter for personnel and area monitoring by Landauer

  Luxel+ Brochure

Luxel+ dosimetry service provides x, gamma, and beta radiation monitoring with optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology. OSL technology is the newest advancement in passive radiation protection dosimetry that improves on the best features of traditional film and TLD technologies. Luxel+ can be packaged for personnel monitoring, area monitoring, emergency response or other specialized services.

Luxel+ offers complete reanalysis to confirm the radiation dose measurement, imaging of unique filter patterns that provide diagnostic capabilities to identify static or dynamic states during radiation exposure, increased sensitivity and precision, a wide dynamic range of measurement, and excellent long-term stability. In addition to these technological advancements, Luxel+ can be customized to meet the administrative needs of a radiation monitoring program through graphic, color, and packaging design options.

Landauer’s services includes a full range of diagnostic evaluation and reporting services, including direct computer access via the Internet to Landauer’s database for exposure reports, shipment tracking and account maintenance transactions

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